EVV Letter to Employers

The Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) will soon replace timesheets with a new time recording tool called Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). When you receive PCA services, EVV will verify when the services begin and end and will ensure that Medicaid is paying for services you have received and that your employees are paid timely.
New federal rules require electronic visit time recording beginning January 2020. DSS will gradually implement EVV beginning in late 2018 beginning with existing employees who volunteer to participate early. All other employees will begin to implement EVV for visit time recording in 2019 based upon a schedule to be determined by DSS. EVV will become a condition of employment.
EVV is free. There is no cost to either the employer or the employee in order to capture visit time electronically. DSS will ensure you have the tools necessary to record visit time and will soon send you a survey to determine which visit time capture method is best for you.
EVV is available now to all employees. EVV replaces the need to complete paper timesheets except in circumstances that cause multiple systems to fail and eliminates the need to fax if the visit time is properly captured using EVV. It is important to note that the employer role still remains, you will continue to be responsible for approving time. Please contact Allied Community Resources at (877) 722-8833 if your employees wish to begin using EVV now.
More information will be coming soon to inform you of when your employees will be required to use EVV as well as other features of EVV that will make it easier for you to approve visit time and resolve time recording issues. Training for all employers will be provided free of charge.
Please contact DSS at (800) 445-5394 option 7 for any questions regarding this letter. A Frequently Asked Questions document is located on the DSS Community Options Homepage at https://portal.ct.gov/DSS/Health-And-Home-Care/Long-Term-Care/Community-... .