Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Connecticut Department of Social Services begins EVV implementation

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What is EVV?

Electronic Visit Verification is a way to utilize technology to record the dates, times and services provided by a care giver. It can be accomplished by the provider making entries over their phone, using the participant’s phone or using a device fixed in the participant’s home. It will replace the regular use of timesheets for submitting the employee’s work hours, thus virtually eliminating the completion and submission of timesheets.

Why do I need to use EVV?

The federal government has mandated that many home care programs use EVV to record the time, date and services provided on many Medicaid programs. Connecticut has chosen to use software from the Sandata company to operate the EVV system.

How does it work?      

Using a phone or the fixed device, each time an employee begins and ends a shift, they will make an entry. They will also record the types of tasks they completed during their shift.

Can I use EVV now?

To participate in the pilot program to test the system, please contact Customer Service at Allied Community Resources at 860 627-9500 and tell them you are interested in participating in the pilot.   

When will everyone else start?

Program participants and their employee who do not participate in the pilot will be trained and activated in groups over the next 18 months.

Where can I find more information about EVV?  Please use the links.