Alabama Division Of Developmental Disabilities

The Alabama Division of Developmental Disabilities provides an array of services and support to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.  The state of Alabama through contractual arrangements with community agencies and regional service locations provide all-inclusive support teams that assist with behavioral, medical, psychiatric and dental services. 

 As a contracted Financial Management Services Agency (FMSA), Allied Community Resources provides support and information for program participants in the following areas:

  • Enrollment with Federal and State entities as a household employer.
  • Verification of Provider credentials and employment documentation
  • Assistance with plan management
  • Timely processing of program payments to providers on behalf of the program participant

Each participant and or employer is assigned a direct customer representative committed to providing  the highest level of customer service.    Our staff has an extensive working relationship with Program Counselors, Program Liaisons, administrative staff, service coordinators, providers and employers in Alabama.

For additional information about the DD Program, please visit the Alabama Department of Mental Health Website at or by telephone at 1-800-361-4491.