Mission Statement

Our Mission

Allied Community Resources (a subsidiary of Allied Community Services) is an organization committed to providing individuals with disabilities or other challenges the opportunity to live and enjoy a productive, independent, and fulfilling life.

Our Values

  •  Allied Community Services, Inc. stands for excellence in all aspects of business operations.
  •  All individuals will be treated with dignity and respect; clients, employees, customers and community relations.
  • Service delivery will be of a quality as to put Allied Community Services, Inc. in the position of a leader in the rehabilitation industry.
  • Each person associated with Allied Community Services, Inc. is given the opportunity to develop to excellence.
  • Every staff person is expected to assume the role of a professional in order to achieve true empowerment.
  • Allied Community Services will be progressive in the on-going development/enhancement of programs and services provided.
  • Through on-going training and development, Allied Community Services will achieve/maintain the highest levels of efficiency in business operations.
  • Every member of the Allied Community Services Team will feel valued.
  • All members of the Team will be expected to buy into the Mission Statement.
  • Allied Community Services, Inc. will stay current on all issues related to the rehabilitation industry in order to provide state-of-the-art programming to all individuals receiving services.

Our Code Of Ethics

  • Allied Community Services, Inc. and its subsidiaries shall promote the general welfare of persons with mental challenges, handicaps and other disabilities. Our Staff shall treat all persons - persons receiving services, community members, colleagues and all others - in an ethical manner.
  • Our Staff shall treat the persons we serve ethically by respecting their decisions and protecting them from harm but also by actively making efforts to secure their well being.
  • Our members of the Boards of Directors of the Allied Group will adhere to the By-laws and Articles of Incorporation of Allied Community Services, Inc. and their respective subsidiary. Allied Community Services, Inc. and its subsidiaries will follow all applicable employment laws, regulations and professional practice standards in the furtherance of the development and provision of services.
  • The Allied Group shall foster the development of programs and services on behalf of persons with mental retardation, handicaps and other disabilities.
  • Our Staff will follow all of Allied's Codes of Ethics, Personnel Policies and funding, licensing and accreditation standards. Our staff will follow state mandates regarding the reporting of suspicions of abuse and neglect of the persons we serve. Our Staff will follow Codes specific to their profession and/or subsidiary organization.
  • Our Staff will respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of services to the persons we serve.
  • Allied Community Services, Inc. and its subsidiaries shall practice responsible marketing activities and business and financial practices.