Department Information

Accounting Department:

The Accounting Services Department at ACR consists of General Accounting and the Accounts Receivable Departments. Accounting Services is responsible for various financial accounting tasks, client reporting, management reporting, tax reporting, internal audit/reviews, and the collections of Medicaid claims related to all programs that we service.

Some of the key functions include: completing monthly financial statements, reconcile balance sheet accounts, process journal entries, monthly and quarterly CT-DDS and Alabama Client reports, compile all tax information, and process weekly federal and state tax payments, complete quarterly and annual tax returns, process employer and employee applications into payroll system, internal audit/review of various financial records, collections and re-billing of DSS waiver claims, and maintenance of accounting systems.

Accounts Payable Department:

The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for the collection and processing of agency and private provider payments for the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services, The Connecticut Department of Social Services (which includes the ABI Waiver, PCA Waiver and Money Follows the Person) and the Alabama Department of Mental Health Division of Developmental Disabilities and Alabama Personal Choices and Rehab programs.

Processors are also responsible for mailing payments to agencies and providers, the payment processing of Garnishments submitted by various collection agencies and payment processing for Worker’s Compensation payments. 

Processors provide customized Customer Service to the families as well as to the vendors who submit for payment.

Customer Service Department:

The Customer Service team, made up of Customer Service Representatives, is a part of the Quality Assurance Department and handles a wide variety of activities. Customer Service serves as the first point of contact for callers and visitors. They handle incoming calls or transfer calls to specific departments when necessary and they perform Receptionist duties at the front lobby desk.

A Customer Service Representative operates the Satisfaction survey system by distributing, compiling and reporting results used to identify areas for enhancements or changes to our services.

Representatives attempt to help reconcile employer-employee payment conflicts, and process Wage Verifications and other requests for information. Reconciling un-cashed checks and returned W-2 and 1099 forms are also handled by Customer Services staff, while handling Connecticut and Alabama Department of Labor correspondence and statements.  Answering questions about the Unemployment and Claims for Wage processes are also a significant part of their work.

Information Technology Department:

The Information Technology Department consists of an IT Manager and IT Support Specialist. The IT department is responsible for maintaining, configuring and updating all computers and servers at Allied.  The IT team provides Allied with expertise in the following areas of technology: network and desktop troubleshooting, helpdesk, installation of software applications, operating system upgrades, hardware maintenance, antivirus, server backup, email, file/folder permissions and  active directory to name a few.  The IT team also works closely with various outside vendors supporting a custom database, optical character recognition software and ACR’s website.

Intake & Employer Enrollment and Training Department:

The Intake team is responsible for entering all budgets that are received for CT Department of Developmental Services programs, CT Department of Social Services programs (ABI, PCA, CHCPE, and MFP), CT Bureau of Rehabilitation Services program, and Alabama Department of Mental Health – Division of Developmental Disabilities and Alabama Personal Choices and Rehab programs. 

Notifications of admittance to and discharge from hospitals, nursing facilities, other institutions, and vacations should be made directly to the Intake Department.  Assistance and questions pertaining to Workers’ Compensation coverage and policies may also be directed to Intake staff.

The Employer and Enrollment Training team is responsible for scheduling home visits with program participants, registering individuals as household employers with required tax entities and providing information and support to employers in understanding their role under their assigned program.  Information pertaining to Signature Verification forms, adding Representatives to participant records, and the receipt or update of legal representatives assigned to program participants is handled by this department.

Office Support & Mailing Services Departments:

The Office Support Department is responsible for a wide range of tasks that enable the office to operate efficiently on a daily basis. These tasks include proper document delivery, filing, retention and destruction for all programs, processing requests for information, maintaining all company vehicles, the phone system and office equipment, facilitating all office ordering, inventory and facilities maintenance and delivering payroll to contracted businesses. The Mailing Services Department processes all internal and contract mailings. Both teams work closely with one another and all other departments within the office on a daily basis.

Payroll Services Department:

The Payroll Processing Department is responsible for entering all timesheets that are received for CT Department of Developmental Services programs, CT Department of Social Services programs (ABI, PCA, CHCPE, and MFP), CT Bureau of Rehabilitation Services program, and Alabama Department of Mental Health – Division of Developmental Disabilities and Alabama Personal Choices and Rehab programs into our data base and payroll systems.  We make sure that all timesheets are processed within Program rules.   In addition to inputting and collecting timesheets, the payroll department is responsible for weekly printing and mailing of payroll checks.  The Payroll Processing Department communicates with Social Workers, Case Managers, Consumers, Employers and Providers.

Provider Services Department and Outreach:

The Provider Services Department processes applications, validates information and verifies the credentials for all providers for all programs that we service. Throughout the process, we are in high communication with our program participants and providers regarding the outcome of provider approval or employment with program participants. For some of our programs, a statewide Provider Directory is maintained and sent to participants as requested when the need arises to recruit new employees or service providers. We attend and host several Outreach events across the state throughout each year to recruit new providers interested in working for program participants under the State Waiver Programs.

Quality Assurance and Compliance Department:

The Quality Assurance and Compliance Department consists of Quality Assurance Assistants and a Compliance Auditor. The Assistants are the focal point for several important functions such as internal process and information audits, collection of documents in support of investigations or external audits and the Document Library contents and process.

The Compliance Auditor works specifically on the area of Fraud by handling fraud education, fraud prevention, fraud detection and reporting activities and is the focal point for making mandatory reports of Abuse or Neglect.

In addition to the monitoring of compliance with Federal, State, local laws and state Agency program requirements, another activity of the Quality Assurance department is the indentifying and recommending of solutions for process problems.